Service Advice from Mercedes-Benz Dealers in NJ

When you need Mercedes-Benz service in NJ, Ray Catena of Union is here to help. Our state-of-the-art facility is staffed with factory-trained technicians that will guarantee the life and value of your vehicle. We also enjoy providing our service customers with helpful service tips and advice to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz is being maintained properly in between visits to our service department. Be sure to schedule your service appointment by clicking here, and if you have any additional service questions contact our service advisors directly by calling 908-379-7200

How To Prep Your Car for Summer

Can't wait for summer? You don't have to! You can start prepping your car for warmer weather now from these tips! This New Jersey Mercedes-Benz dealer wants to make sure your safe on the road throughout the year and our service department is ready to help. Contact us about any questions you may have about your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Read more.

Tips and Techniques for Driving in Rain

The rain can be very dangerous while on the road. This NJ Mercedes-Benz dealership wants to make sure you stay safe on the road in the rain. Take a look at some of these tips for driving in the rain. And, if your Mercedes-Benz is due for routine maintenance, schedule service at our New Jersey Mercedes-Benz dealership. Read more.

Car Care: The Dos and Dont of Car Washing

As the warmer weather approaches we are happy to share with you the do's and don'ts about Car Washing your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Check out the following tips from on ways to help keep your new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz clean this spring. Read more.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Car Interiors

It is that time to open up those windows, take off the top of your convertible, and open your sunroof. The warmer weather is approaching which means its Spring! Since the winter weather is past us we would like to share with you some spring car cleaning tips! We want you to make sure that your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is all clean for the warmer months to come so you can show off your Benz! Call up our Service Center for routine maintenance or schedule service on our website today to get your Merce Read more.

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

It is starting to feel like winter and we would like to share with you some winter service tips! We want you to make sure that your car is prepared for winter weather conditions is very important! Call up our Service Center for routine maintenance or schedule service on our website today to get your Mercedes-Benz checked out! Read more.

Holiday Driving Tips

With lots of places to go this holiday season, it’s important to make sure your Mercedes-Benz is ready for travel. Luckily, Ray Catena’s service and repair center will help keep your new or used Mercedes-Benz on the road. Learn more about this NJ Mercedes-Benz dealer, Ray Catena of Union, and drive safely this holiday season! Read more.

Winterize Your Car

The winter is about to approach us! Driving through winter weather conditions is very important with all the different driving conditions you face. Check out this Weather Channel article for basic maintenance procedures or call our NJ Mercedes service center in Union to schedule a service appointment for your Benz! Read more.

Ice & Snow - Remove It Before You Go

It hasn't started snowing yet, but it has been getting colder, and you know what that means; harsh driving conditions are on the way. It's very important for New Jersey drivers to remember that you must remove ice and snow from your vehicle before you head out on the road. The State of New Jersey is offering tips and advice for how to stay safe while you're on the roads this winter. Whether you drive a new Mercedes-Benz or a used car, it is important to keep these safety tips in mind! Read more.

Driving in Snow and Ice

As the holiday season approaches, so do harsh winter driving conditions. Even with the latest in Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC technology, driving in snow and ice is still very dangerous. Whether you drive a new Mercedes-Benz like the C-Class, E-Class, S-Class or GLK-Class or a used Mercedes-Benz model, it is important to take these winter driving safety tips seriously. Keep these suggestions in mind for a happy and healthy holiday season! Read more.

Running on empty Low gas in the tank can be costly

Our NJ Mercedes dealership knows that it may be tempting to run your gas tank down to empty with the high gas prices these days, however you could be doing more harm, which could end up being costly. Make sure to keep your gas tank of your new or used Mercedes over a quarter of a tank to avoid costly car maintenance that could have been prevented! Read more.

Summer Can Be Tough on Cars

Summer can be tough on your Mercedes-Benz, which is why it's very important to be on top of preventative car maintenance to avoid further problems. Check out the following tips from the Car Care Council on ways to help keep your new or pre-owned Mercedes in tip-top shape for the rest of the summer. Read more.

Tips for keeping cool in hot summer cars

Wow this New Jersey weather has been hot, hot, hot! When traveling in your Mercedes-Benz this summer, whether it be down the street to the grocery store or a weekend trip to the beach, there are several ways to help keep your Mercedes cool in the sweltering heat. Check out the following Consumer Reports tips to keeping your new or used Mercedes cool this summer. Read more.

Summer Car Care Tips

Here at Ray Catena of Union, we know how excited everyone gets for summer road trips! However, before heading out on the road make sure you get routine maintenance on your Mercedes-Benz just to be safe. We hope all of our Ray Catena of Union customers have a relaxing and safe summer! Read more.

Winter Safety Tips for Driving in Poor Conditions

Recent snowfall and icy conditions in New Jersey have been keeping motorists off the roads, but what should you do to prepare yourself in the event that you need to travel during or after a snow storm? These safety tips offer great advice for driving in poor conditions. Read more.

Mercedes-Benz Worry-Free Fall Driving

Fall is a season of change and the perfect time to get your Mercedes-Benz ready for cooler weather. Be prepared by taking advantage of our preventive fall service specials. Rely on our trained technicians to use the latest diagnostic technology and Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts, so you can enjoy safe, fuel-efficient travel wherever fall travel may take you. Read more.