Why Does Mileage Matter?

November 20th, 2018 by

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Mileage helps you decipher the worth of the vehicle as well as the age of the components within it. A vehicle with more miles means there’s a better chance that the engine, battery, or another component of your vehicle might need replacing soon, which only adds to the cost of the used vehicle that should’ve been saving you money.

Pros & Cons of Low-Mileage

Before shopping used, you need to do some research. Figure out which vehicle has all that you’re looking for and compare the prices and qualities at multiple dealerships in order to come up with a budget for your vehicle. Also, note the following pros and cons of buying a used vehicle with low-mileage:


  • With less mileage, the components of the used model, if it’s been well taken care of, should be in good condition, meaning no extra payments being made to fix it up.
  • If you expect to sell the vehicle in the future, low mileage hikes up the resale value. Having a vehicle with low mileage is more appealing because of the condition and could end up selling for what you paid for it or even a little more in some cases.


  • Cars need to be driven to keep the parts in working order. A used vehicle with less mileage may mean it hasn’t been driven as often and the rubber and plastic parts are in need of repair.
  • While these models are easier to resell, They cost more to keep up, especially if you’re not driving it but saving it to resell. And if you’re paying a higher price than you wanted to acquire the used model, you might be adding on to that price later for unscheduled services.
  • Be careful of the condition to price ratio. When there’s a good deal on a used car, there’s sometimes something significantly wrong that will require more money to fix. Be sure to make a budget you’re going to stick with and create some standards as to the condition of the vehicle.

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